The Center of Treatment Innovation (COTI)  Program is a direct result of the opioid crisis facing the nation and in particular, New York State. It’s primary goal is to stop the deaths and overdoses taking place, in so many communities, across this country.   

The program provides outreach services to all parts of Brooklyn, for each and every individual, suffering from opioid and/or other drug disorders. With a multi- disciplinary team of peers, counselors, and clinicians, it is possible to reach every community, assess the needs of these individuals and engage them with the appropriate level of treatment.

Our mobile van allows the program to transport clients to appointments and make treatment more available to them.  This will eliminate the gaps in services and increase overall access to care for all our participants in the Borough of Brooklyn.

Using current screening tools, our team will be able to assess individuals, right in their neighborhood and provide them with appointments and the services/referral needed. The COTI Program will offer real-time interaction between the individual needing treatment and a peer advocate or care manager.

We will also be utilizing our community Medication Assisted Treatment Providers (MAT), to immediately provide care to those on opioids and ensure their risk of overdose, is eliminated.

Click here to download a brochure about the COTI program.

1665 Pitkin Avenue
2nd Floor (entrance on Chester)
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Phone: (718) 764-6789
Fax: (718) 764-6791
Program Director: Jason Taylor, Coordinator,